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360 Degree Virtual Tours & Online Availability Calendars for Rental Villas

360 Degree Virtual Tours

One of the most common requests when advertising a villa for vacation rentals is to see more pictures. With a Villaview tour, potential guests will be able to 'tour' your villa. By adding text for each room you can also highlight the many features of your villa that makes it stand out from the rest.

By using, quite literally, 'revolutionary' state of the art photography equipment and computer software we can produce a fantastic interactive tour to promote your villa to its highest potential. We deliberately keep the web page simple to allow quick loading and by using a common java viewer it is compatible with most potential guest's browsers without the need for any long plug-in downloads. We of course have a link for the small java plug-in necessary just in case!

Once we have produced your tour we will 'host' it on our own website so that you can simply link to it from your own website or other advertising site. By doing this we take care of all the hard work of programming and maintaining the tour for you. What is more as there are no links from your tour page that go to any of our other clients tours, there is no risk of losing a potential guest to another villa owner. This also means that you can link direct from your advert in most villa advertising sites without risking being banned by their webmasters!

Our standard fee for producing a 6 image tour is £50. For extra images we charge £5. We would suggest that the tour includes: Swimming Pool, Family Room, Master Bedrooms, Lounge area, and perhaps additional bedrooms such as themed ones. We will, of course, work in association with you to highlight the rooms of your choice. We also offer an updating service for existing clients if you would like to change a tour image in the future.

Currently we are only offering tours in the Terra Verde and Solana Resorts. However may be able to offer others on request.

If you would like more information on booking a tour, or to see one of our completed tours (as we said - we do not have links to other villa's tours!) please contact us at enquiry@villaview.net

Online Availability Calendars

A must for villa rental websites is the ability to display your availability for potential guests to view. The common availability calendars that most villa owners used now have links that go to other rental sites making them undesirable from a personal viewpoint and 'banned' by most of the big advertising sites. We have therefore developed an online calendar that is available for your use that is gauranteed not to link directly or indirectly to any other advertising site or villa webpage. It uses a simple display of a whole year at once, with either a cross or tick to indicate a night is booked or available. Rolling over a particular date with the mouse will also bring up a comment in most browsers, for example, '22 Jan - available'. Once set-up you will have the ability to edit your calendar online using a similar year view screen and simple check-boxes to mark a date as booked.

As there is a set-up and administration requirement for each calendar, we currently charge an annual fee of £10 / $18 for this service. Payment can be made using Paypal. If you would like further information, to view an example, or to sign-up please e-mail us at enquiry@villaview.net